The New Garrett Axiom

You may/may not know, I detect 100% strictly for the enjoyment, period. I don’t care about all the technical aspects, brand loyalty, “game changer” bullshit, or what the shills have to say. I buy what brand, model, and accessories I want. Last time I took the advice of the masses, I bought a POS with a noodle for a lower shaft…lol, but I think we’re all familiar with how that went :laughing: I take full responsibility for the poor decision of simply listening to others.

Having recently become a new AT Pro user, while I have no love for Garrett, I think they’ve done their share smooching the pooch, but I held my nose and bought one just for a change of pace from years of Tesoro.

I’d seen the usual hoopla of a new detector from Garrett (starting from their Canadian shill) on Finds and DP, I saw reference to the YT video below.

I have a curious desire to know, what exactly are the qualifications needed to be an expert in this field, that others should pay attention to you? We’ve all seen the professor and his mouthpiece begging the www for attention (please don’t give it to them here, just using as an example), knocking this detector or shilling that one.

Not knocking the guy in this video, but if he and the aforementioned duo know what is needed, what would sell, what mistakes all those manufacturers are making, why don’t they simply start their own company, and manufacture their own brand.

I mean hell, since they seem to know what would sell, they have the opportunity to become millionaires by simply offering the detecting community what they so desperately need.

Or is it REALLY all about the clicks?

You decide.

I’m like you, I detect for fun. Trying to figure out where the old stuff is buried is what I enjoy. Seems like a lot of detectorists gauge their sucess on how many silver coins they dig. If I get a silver coin, great, but I would much rather hunt farm field and dig old copper, buttons and colonial relics.

A lot of people like Paystreak Superfreak. Personally, I think he’s kind of an asshat. Much like the D2 duo.


I’d much rather watch Paystreak Superfreak dig a pull tab than watch a shill dig a 4oz gold nugget (plant?? chances are).
I’m not a brand loyal person but I do have my dislikes, one being anything Garrett and that has been the case since the 1970s.

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That’s something else I don’t get. Why these dedicated “gold machines”? Seems like a small niche to fill. I mean, sure there are those who have the need, but it would seem there’s much more money to be made in the mid-priced detecting market.

I guess that is unless they can’t compete in that area, and am I to believe this is supposed to compete with the detectors i’ve seen (Some of the TV gold shows, mostly Australia) used? Seems like ML is the choice most I’ve seen make.

Sure, I guess one could find some big-dollar gold ring on the beach, I’m sure it’s happened, but what are the odds?


Cost of the new Axiom is MSRP of $4700 with a MAP of $3995.

Also, lol…looks like shots fired over at finds.