Rescued from the scrap bin

I found this brass thing back in January at an 1800s demolished house site. It was in a photo I posted on another thread here, and I said I thought it was a keyhole cover. Well, today someone on Friendly Forum identified it as a sword hand guard. Bent up and probably broken, but that’s what it is. Did not expect that at all.

Here is a photo of a similar one also posted to friendly forum.

Glad I could rescue this from the brass scrap bin and put it with the relics. Who knew, a sword part in a backyard?

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You know, now it’s actually identified, it’s actually pretty obvious that’s what it is.

Amazing sometimes how the obvious things are the easiest to overlook.

Congrats on an even cooler find now, lol.

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That is really cool!


Right? sword hilt didn’t cross my mind even once. I just saw the hole and thought keyhole cover, even though that would have to be the strangest looking keyhole cover ever.

And then someone with a fresh set of eyes comes along and points out the obvious. Forums are great for that purpose.

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Thanks, it’s nice when a random piece of brass ends up being a cool relic.

That is awesome! A really neat find and nice that you were able to save it! Back when I first got started in the hobby I threw away all sorts of stuff from my scrap buckets. Just didn’t have room to keep it all. Then a couple of years later I purchased a set of books on Civil War Relics. I recognized a whole bunch of stuff that I had already disposed of. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I think I saw those American Picker dudes pay a guy $10K for a couple buckets of scrap he said he found in the landfill.

Or I could be totally making this up :grin:

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I wouldn’t doubt it! Those were probably mine… And the American Picker guys probably sold them for $20k. :laughing:

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Good thing you found out before it got scraped. I know I threw things away that I didn’t have any idea of what they were.

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