Rainy Day Detecting

So, I’ve been sitting here doing research since it’s raining and was checking out the cloud movement to see if would ease up, and noticed a county I never really paid attention to about 38 minutes east of me. Turns out it is one of the only counties less than an hour drive from me, and every single one of their parks seems to be on a 1700-1800 site. Luckily, it’s on the edge of the cloud formations so I’ll barely get any rain. Will follow up with pics and details later today.

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Good luck!

Sounds like a promising spot.

Report from the field, still going at it but doing well. Couple of wheats, couple of Indian Heads, and a SLQ. Since I was in big fields and don’t like the 9” coil for open fields I used the Legend today.


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Good finds! I went out yesterday and today for a while and all I dug was about $7 in clad. I’m in a slump :frowning_face:


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I’d have been glad to dig $7 in clad.

My slump is bigger than your slump, lol.

I forgot I dug a Chucky Cheese token so yeah, I win. :grinning:


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You never know, you could plug it in one of them games and win tens of thousands of tickets!!!

What’s that equate to in cash value, like 25 cents?

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Very nice find

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Thanks! Hopefully one day I’ll find one with a date, hahaha.

It’s a '21

How you know that? Teach me the way OB Gauntlet Kenobi!

Ever watch No Country for Old Men?

I have, one of my favorite movies.

Screenshot 2022-06-12 143848

Actually, I enlarged it and think I see it.